Without the necessity of 'due care and consideration' I can safely acclaim with great enthusiasm that my investment in 'SIMPLE GREEN' is the best I have made in a long and varied life! All through the recent winter in wet Cornwall, where I live, I had tried to avoid looking at the marks and stains on my kitchen carpet. My theory being that "when we have a few dry days in the summer I will move all the furniture out and scrub the carpet, hoping that it will dry before I have to haul all the furniture back in." The couple of hot, summer days arrived and I was too exhausted by the sudden heat to face such a formidable prospect so I picked up my trusty bottle of Simple Green Aroma Clean and sprayed every mark and blemish. When I returned a couple of hours later, to coin a trite truism," I could not believe my eyes!" The carpet was as clean as the day it was laid. Where had all the stains gone? I was almost tempted to lift the carpet and see if they had just gone straight through to the floor beneath. They had vanished into thin air! I telephoned and you explained how completely safely the product works. I am now happily searching around the house for areas to be cleaned ( many of which should have been cleaned 21 years ago, just after I had moved in! ) so that I can enjoy a fresh and sparklingly, new environment. So I have to say a big, THANK YOU !
Jane TRURO, Cornwall
This is how I used to clean my bathroom: Turn on the fan. Open the windows. Clean. Stop cleaning. Blow nose. Wipe watery eyes. Go back in. Clean. Stop cleaning. Use asthma inhaler. Blow nose. Go back in. Clean. Stop cleaning. Take an antihistamine. Go back in. Finish. Lie down with a headache. Today I used Simple Green and cleaned the bathroom in under a half an hour and I am still breathing normally. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I've been using Simple Green 'Crystal' for just about every task around my home and it never fails me. Fantastic product!
Mr. M. Edwards, Suffolk
I would just like to say thank you for my delivery of Simple Green. I received it today, as promised. It is not very often you get service like that these days and I wanted to commend you for it. I got my first lot of Simple Green from QVC some years ago and have used it sparingly, but having recently run out I decided to try the internet and low and behold came across your site. I love this product it is so effective. Once again Thank You for your wonderful service.
Pat Parkes Cambs.
My husband and I recently bought a historical 1923 home. It came with most of the original fixtures. The large deep bathtub seemed like a dream until I tried to clean it. Years of mineral deposits and staining were giving a very dirty appearance even though I know I had cleaned it. I thought I was going to have to live with it. In almost a joking manner, I splashed some Simple Green on the "permanent" stain. Whooosh! They were gone. I ran to my 1923 ceramic tiled counter tops, which I bleached on a daily basis. I was astonished Simple Green worked as well as bleach but with no fumes. I have a 21 month old and a one month old so I love the mildness of this product. I plan to clean everything with this.
I bought Simple Green ‘Magic’ some time ago - it is a brilliant product and does what it says on the label. Many thanks
Jim M UK

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