We use Simple Green to clean our racing go-karts. It is very good at removing engine oil, chain oil, fuel and just mean red clay dirt. We have found Simple Green can do a complete job of cleaning everything without leaving any stains or residue. It keeps my mom happy not killing the grass or leaving acid stains on the driveway.
Thanks for letting me know you've got my order. Fab reviews from all my cleaners about the Simple Green cleaning stuff! Thanks and regards,
Anna East Sussex
I first tried Simple Green last week when I had to paint a room. I washed the walls and guess what, I didn't have to paint! They came out perfectly….Simple Green saved me a lot of time and aggravation. Thank you for not only for a great product but one that is true to its advertisement!
My husband and I recently bought a historical 1923 home. It came with most of the original fixtures. The large deep bathtub seemed like a dream until I tried to clean it. Years of mineral deposits and staining were giving a very dirty appearance even though I know I had cleaned it. I thought I was going to have to live with it. In almost a joking manner, I splashed some Simple Green on the "permanent" stain. Whooosh! They were gone. I ran to my 1923 ceramic tiled counter tops, which I bleached on a daily basis. I was astonished Simple Green worked as well as bleach but with no fumes. I have a 21 month old and a one month old so I love the mildness of this product. I plan to clean everything with this.
My husband left an ink pen in his pants pocket and I accidentally washed and dried the load of laundry with the pen still in the pocket. The pen cap came off and marked all of the clothes. Looking for anything to help the situation, I grabbed anything that was near to try to save the clothes. I tried numerous products and nothing worked. I then tried Simple Green and scrubbed. One spot came out. I kept scrubbing and they all came out. I use Simple Green to wash my car, clean my kitchen and have always liked it. But you really won me over with the ink stain!
My sister and I do massive amounts of canning each year. Because we do so much we are always getting canning jars wherever we can. Out of basements, attics, garages, wherever. The only thing we have ever found to clean these old dusty jars is bleach. However, bleach wreaks havoc on my septic tank. Simple Green works absolutely fantastic on even the nastiest grime in these jars and doesn't bother the septic tank one bit
M.L. Munger

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