We use Simple Green to clean our racing go-karts. It is very good at removing engine oil, chain oil, fuel and just mean red clay dirt. We have found Simple Green can do a complete job of cleaning everything without leaving any stains or residue. It keeps my mom happy not killing the grass or leaving acid stains on the driveway.
I love this video. I've been on a soap box for a while about how drastically our products have changed throughout the years. The problem is most people just aren't aware of what is in some of the products we use.
Thank you very much for your reply, that's really good customer service, again many thanks
I first tried Simple Green last week when I had to paint a room. I washed the walls and guess what, I didn't have to paint! They came out perfectly….Simple Green saved me a lot of time and aggravation. Thank you for not only for a great product but one that is true to its advertisement!
Fantastic Service! Thanks ATB
Violet Ilford, Essex
Being a smoker my house gets nasty sometimes from smoke buildup and things get yellow, well, no more. I use Simple Green for everything…kitchen, bathroom, laundry and every other nook and cranny in my house. Not only does it do a great job cleaning, I love the refreshing scent. I've thrown out all the other cleaning products I was using. For me, it's Simple Green or nothing.
A.C. Whiting

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