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Matt B
I do a lot of green lane riding and use it twice every day to commute to work i have tried many cleaners but nothing gets my bike clean like simple green
Bristol Flying Centre
We have used the Extreme simple green aviation and find the product to be perfect for our aircraft cleaning. Definitely will recommend to fellow aircraft companies.
Angela Donnelly
I thought, initially, that this was an expensive cleaner given that I can get supermarket cleaners much cheaper. I contacted Simple Green re a really dirty, stained fireplace and Staff member, Adrian, couldn't have been more helpful.
I purchased one bottle to give it a try as nothing else had made a difference.
Product arrived very promptly and I was surprised to learn from instructions that solution can be diluted therefore it goes a long way. It cleans all surfaces except wood and Includes glass with really great results. Now my ' under the sink' cupboard contains 2 cleaning products... Furniture polish and Simple Green. In the long run I'm making a great saving. I don't hesitate to recommend this product.
Sheila P
Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner - SIMPLY WONDERFUL product Super speedy delivery Great customer service 5 Stars
Craig F
Best hand cleaner ever! Customer for life! Super fast shipping!
Bates Tongs
This stuff is amazing. Im a blacksmith in Staffordshire UK. I have big old oily, greasy machines that i have never found an efficient de-greaser to clean the sludge off on the rare occasion they get a service until now. I thought i would push it a bit and try it on parts covered with cutting / drilling / threading compound. 3 squirts, 60 seconds and a quick wipe, spotlessly clean! My 133 year old power hammer is next!
Hazel P
I always reach for the simple green before anything else for marks on carpets fabrics etc . I to use it to clean my microwave, it is great to use on my gas hob especially after frying a quick spray leave for a few seconds wipe over with a damp cloth polish off with kitchen paper. great for using on cooker hoods . I use it on my kitchen and bathroom tiles and on paintwork . I have a little yorkshire terrier and he often leaves dirty paw marks on the carpets this wet weather , I just spray a little simple green on work it in with my finger and leave to dry .I use it on just about anything really ,wouldn't be without it . I always have two sprays on the go one upstairs and one down.
I love this video. I've been on a soap box for a while about how drastically our products have changed throughout the years. The problem is most people just aren't aware of what is in some of the products we use.
I am a retired Southern California fireman and have been using your product for about 25 years. Simple Green is the best and safest environmental cleaning product I have ever used. It can be used safely on the fire trucks without worrying that there will be any damage to the paint or rubber. I am also an automobile detailer. Simple Green is, again, the best. Unlike other products I have used, I can count on Simple Green not to damage expensive wheels and to clean engine compartments without any damage to paint, plastics or rubber products.
We use Simple Green to clean our racing go-karts. It is very good at removing engine oil, chain oil, fuel and just mean red clay dirt. We have found Simple Green can do a complete job of cleaning everything without leaving any stains or residue. It keeps my mom happy not killing the grass or leaving acid stains on the driveway.
S.T. Chanute
My husband and I raise Chihuahua's, Pomeranian's and Yorkshire Terrier's. We have cleaned our kennels with bleach diluted with water in the past and have had problems with respiratory problems. Since we switched to Simple Green we have had no problems with our babies and it cleans very well and leaves a fresh scent. We won't use anything else. Thanks for making our life simple.
This is how I used to clean my bathroom: Turn on the fan. Open the windows. Clean. Stop cleaning. Blow nose. Wipe watery eyes. Go back in. Clean. Stop cleaning. Use asthma inhaler. Blow nose. Go back in. Clean. Stop cleaning. Take an antihistamine. Go back in. Finish. Lie down with a headache. Today I used Simple Green and cleaned the bathroom in under a half an hour and I am still breathing normally. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
My two boys and husband are motorcross riders and come home nearly every weekend with filthy, dirty, muddy uniforms. I had tried and tried to get the dirt out and just couldn't. By soaking the uniforms in a mixture of Simple Green and water and adding a fourth cup to the washer the uniforms came out very clean. Thanks Simple Green for making this "Motorcross Mama's" job much easier
My husband left an ink pen in his pants pocket and I accidentally washed and dried the load of laundry with the pen still in the pocket. The pen cap came off and marked all of the clothes. Looking for anything to help the situation, I grabbed anything that was near to try to save the clothes. I tried numerous products and nothing worked. I then tried Simple Green and scrubbed. One spot came out. I kept scrubbing and they all came out. I use Simple Green to wash my car, clean my kitchen and have always liked it. But you really won me over with the ink stain!
J.Z. Hyannis
We had smoke damage to our house…the smell was so bad we had to call professional cleaners for help. The first thing they told me to do was buy Simple Green and wash everything, all woodwork, floors, dishes, everything. Wow, it worked great! From that day on, I only use Simple Green
A.C. Whiting
Being a smoker my house gets nasty sometimes from smoke buildup and things get yellow, well, no more. I use Simple Green for everything…kitchen, bathroom, laundry and every other nook and cranny in my house. Not only does it do a great job cleaning, I love the refreshing scent. I've thrown out all the other cleaning products I was using. For me, it's Simple Green or nothing.
My husband and I recently bought a historical 1923 home. It came with most of the original fixtures. The large deep bathtub seemed like a dream until I tried to clean it. Years of mineral deposits and staining were giving a very dirty appearance even though I know I had cleaned it. I thought I was going to have to live with it. In almost a joking manner, I splashed some Simple Green on the "permanent" stain. Whooosh! They were gone. I ran to my 1923 ceramic tiled counter tops, which I bleached on a daily basis. I was astonished Simple Green worked as well as bleach but with no fumes. I have a 21 month old and a one month old so I love the mildness of this product. I plan to clean everything with this.
I first tried Simple Green last week when I had to paint a room. I washed the walls and guess what, I didn't have to paint! They came out perfectly….Simple Green saved me a lot of time and aggravation. Thank you for not only for a great product but one that is true to its advertisement!
M.L. Munger
My sister and I do massive amounts of canning each year. Because we do so much we are always getting canning jars wherever we can. Out of basements, attics, garages, wherever. The only thing we have ever found to clean these old dusty jars is bleach. However, bleach wreaks havoc on my septic tank. Simple Green works absolutely fantastic on even the nastiest grime in these jars and doesn't bother the septic tank one bit
G.M. Hohenfels/Bavaria, Germany
I just wanted to tell you how great your product works.
I work as HAZMAT Monitor for the US army in Germany and our unit was able to replace all toxic cleaners with Simple Green products. We use Simple Green Cleaner & Degreaser and Simple Green Hand Cleaner Gel. The Cleaner & Degreaser is used for all cleaning tasks e.g. floors, toilets, showers etc. The Hand Cleaner Gel is mainly used in our workshop and our mechanics are very impressed by this product as it removes all kinds of oils easily from their hands.
Keep up the good work saving our environment for ourselves and most important for our children
Violet Ilford, Essex
Fantastic Service!
Kathy B. Leicester
Just wanted to say your product for industrial house cleaning I purchased this week is brilliant.
It has made short work of kitchen cupboards which were a disgrace so wanted to say a big thank you and will definitely use it from now on.
Yours very sincerely
Thank you very much for your reply, that's really good customer service, again many thanks
Halesowen W. Midlands
Many thanks for your swift and full reply. This clarifies the dilutions I need to use.I may try using it on a wider range of jobs now you've given further suggested uses on the printout!
It's nice to get an individual reply these days - it's much appreciated.
Keep up the good work!

Eddie Liskeard
Thank you, the samples arrived this morning. If your product is half as good as your customer service it is going to be excellent. Very Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
Genevieve W. Tavistock
The Simple Green cleaning solutions I had from you earlier on were originally for my Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner, but have proved superb for everywhere in the house! Excellent product. Thank You.

Jane TRURO, Cornwall
Without the necessity of 'due care and consideration' I can safely acclaim with great enthusiasm that my investment in 'SIMPLE GREEN' is the best I have made in a long and varied life!

All through the recent winter in wet Cornwall, where I live, I had tried to avoid looking at the marks and stains on my kitchen carpet. My theory being that "when we have a few dry days in the summer I will move all the furniture out and scrub the carpet, hoping that it will dry before I have to haul all the furniture back in."

The couple of hot, summer days arrived and I was too exhausted by the sudden heat to face such a formidable prospect so I picked up my trusty bottle of Simple Green Aroma Clean and sprayed every mark and blemish. When I returned a couple of hours later, to coin a trite truism," I could not believe my eyes!" The carpet was as clean as the day it was laid. Where had all the stains gone? I was almost tempted to lift the carpet and see if they had just gone straight through to the floor beneath. They had vanished into thin air!

I telephoned and you explained how completely safely the product works.

I am now happily searching around the house for areas to be cleaned ( many of which should have been cleaned 21 years ago, just after I had moved in! ) so that I can enjoy a fresh and sparklingly, new environment. So I have to say a big,

Thanks for my Simple Green - the order came this morning - thanks again for a swift and friendly service
Darren H. Cambridge
Thank you very, very much for your quick and comprehensive answer to my query. I shall give Simple Green a try.

Mark L.
Many thanks for the Simple Green Aircraft Cleaner.

BTW I am very impressed with your customer service response. Top marks!
Regards, Krystina L.
Many thanks for the speedy delivery plus excellent customer service upon placing the order over the phone – a rare event these days.
Mark Bognor Regis West Sussex
Just like to say thank you for the speedy service & support I have received from you

Yours Sincerely
Anna East Sussex
Thanks for letting me know you've got my order. Fab reviews from all my cleaners about the Simple Green cleaning stuff!

Thanks and regards,
Bryon Northants
Many thanks for your excellent service

Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. All the best for the rest of 2004

Best regards
Susan Gloucestershire
Thank you very much for all your help. I can now bring my son's clothes back in the house having cleaned out all the diesel with Simple Green.

The service was excellent and I shall be using you again.
Hilary S. Company Secretary Eastleigh, Hants.
Thanks again, I'm impressed at how quick the delivery is! My very last bottle of diluted cleaner is on its last legs :)

It's truly a fabulous product, which is unusual from the other environmentally kind ones I've tried over the years. Its a good "all rounder", no need to keep changing products for different jobs. Of course the value is outstanding also. I've also printed out the Industrial list to peruse later for work.

Thank you for the superb customer service, it sets your company apart from the rest :)

Tony S. Liverpool
This is just to personally "thank-you" for the goods that got delivered. My Mum is "over the moon" with the products and the extras that you so kindly gave her.

Excellent customer service, will definitely use your company again.

Thank you again

Steve Wolverhampton
Thanks for your help and excellent service.

Kind regards
Violet Ilford Essex
What can I say...your efficiency astounds me!! Comparable to the Simple Green products themselves! I don't consider it cleaning with them....I never cease to be amazed at how good they are!!

Thanks for all your help....I know where to come in future!

M Wadlow Colchester Essex
Having lived in the USA for a number of years I am used to using Simple Green products for all of my cleaning. The Lime Scale Remover is the best I Have ever used.

I cannot find any other lime scale remover that I like. Please can you supply Simple Green products.

Jim M UK
I bought Simple Green ‘Magic’ some time ago - it is a brilliant product and does what it says on the label.

Many thanks
Ann T. Chesterfield, UK
Thank you for your prompt and comprehensive reply to my enquiry. I had never heard of Simple Green products before but I am very impressed by the information you attached to the email. Just to say that I have received my Simple Green package and am very pleased with the contents. I have tried the foam dispenser on one of my used rubber stamps and it is brilliant. Thanks again.

Sharon D. UK
It isn't on the label, but I thought you ought to know Simple Green cleans even massive rust stains from washable clothing perfectly.

Carol Stockport UK
Simple Green products are excellent. I have a disabled daughter and trying to teach her safety with cleaning products has been greatly improved since I introduced her to Simple Green. I do not worry so much about accidents, spillages, getting it on her hands etc.

Thank you, you have made our lives easier.
Mrs. B. Brown Bristol UK
A FANTASTIC product, friendly staff and speedy delivery!

Pamela Ringwood UK
I originally bought the Carpet Cleaner Kit from QVC - I have cats and dogs and it does a really good job of keeping my carpets and fabrics around the house fresh, spic and span!
I ordered it direct from you as QVC don't offer it anymore - not only is the Kit cheaper but your P & P charges are much better - I bought two Kits and only had to pay the one P & P charge!

Thank you!
Jackie W. Plymouth UK
Since I started using Simple Green 'Crystal' in the Aroma Clean Kit I don't use any other products in my house!

Many thanks for great products!
Mr. M. Edwards, Suffolk
I've been using Simple Green 'Crystal' for just about every task around my home and it never fails me. Fantastic product!
Kevin H Hants
Simple Green worked superbly, oil mark totally removed from my car cover
Thanks for your time
Wendy Wingrove Essex
Many thanks for the fast delivery. I have used Simple Green for the past 3 years or so I can't praise it enough, it's absolutely fantastic. It really good that you have a UK base
Pat Parkes Cambs.
I would just like to say thank you for my delivery of Simple Green Lime Scale Remover. I received it today, as promised. It is not very often you get service like that these days and I wanted to commend you for it.
I got my first lot of Simple Green Lime Scale Remover from QVC some years ago and have used it sparingly, but having recently run out I decided to try the internet and low and behold came across your site. I love this product it is so effective.
Once again Thank You for your wonderful service.
Claire J. Shrewsbury
My husband purchased Simple Green from QVC quite a while ago now, it has lasted me ages but he cannot source anywhere to purchase it now, it is the best cleaning product i have ever used! so much now all my family are asking me if we can get some for them. Well here i am asking you hoping you can solve this for me as i don't want to use anything else.
Mrs. Melanie Davies Lancs.
These Simple Green products are very good at getting stains off delicate fabrics. My husband spilled something on his favourite silk tie and nearly had a fit when I sprayed it with what he thought of as the kitchen surface cleaner. The mark - which was greasy - lifted off immediately.
Mrs. J. Cowley, Cheshire
I left it too late to re-order your cleaning products and ran out, meaning I had to buy an ordinary cleaner from my supermarket and all my allergies returned, arghhhhh - I won't leave it until I've run out next time! Your products are the only cleaners I have found which do not bring out my skin allergies, thank you so much for the relief and fabulous cleaners too!

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