Being a smoker my house gets nasty sometimes from smoke buildup and things get yellow, well, no more. I use Simple Green for everything…kitchen, bathroom, laundry and every other nook and cranny in my house. Not only does it do a great job cleaning, I love the refreshing scent. I've thrown out all the other cleaning products I was using. For me, it's Simple Green or nothing.
A.C. Whiting
Many thanks for your swift and full reply. This clarifies the dilutions I need to use.I may try using it on a wider range of jobs now you've given further suggested uses on the printout! It's nice to get an individual reply these days - it's much appreciated. Keep up the good work! Colin
Halesowen W. Midlands
I would just like to say thank you for my delivery of Simple Green. I received it today, as promised. It is not very often you get service like that these days and I wanted to commend you for it. I got my first lot of Simple Green from QVC some years ago and have used it sparingly, but having recently run out I decided to try the internet and low and behold came across your site. I love this product it is so effective. Once again Thank You for your wonderful service.
Pat Parkes Cambs.
My two boys and husband are motorcross riders and come home nearly every weekend with filthy, dirty, muddy uniforms. I had tried and tried to get the dirt out and just couldn't. By soaking the uniforms in a mixture of Simple Green and water and adding a fourth cup to the washer the uniforms came out very clean. Thanks Simple Green for making this "Motorcross Mama's" job much easier
I left it too late to re-order your cleaning products and ran out, meaning I had to buy an ordinary cleaner from my supermarket and all my allergies returned, arghhhhh - I won't leave it until I've run out next time! Your products are the only cleaners I have found which do not bring out my skin allergies, thank you so much for the relief and fabulous cleaners too!
Mrs. J. Cowley, Cheshire
Many thanks for the speedy delivery plus excellent customer service upon placing the order over the phone – a rare event these days.
Krystina L.

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