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FAQs - Using Simple Green Products

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Simple Green is a water-based cleaner. See "Alkaline Aqueous Solutions -- General Description" for more details.

Wetting surface first if using Simple Green full-strength
Water is the catalyst for Simple Green's cleaning power.

Simple Green is currently being used in wastewater treatment plants due to its ability to break up oil and grease without harming the bacteria used in the biological system. It is also an effective odor suppressant.

Simple Green contains 7.96 g/L VOC's or 0.796% VOC's by weight. Crystal Simple Green contains no VOC's. These VOC levels are determined by ASTM Method 3960-90. Per California AQMD's VOC test method, both Simple Green and Crystal Simple Green must be diluted a minimum of 2 parts water to 1 part product in order to meet SCAQMD Rule 1171 & Rule 1122, and BAAQMD Regulation 8-16, VOC requirements for solvent cleaning operations. For more information, please call 800-228-0709.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) - Definition
Constituents that will evaporate at their temperature of use and which, by a photochemical reaction, will cause atmospheric oxygen to be converted into potential smog -- promoting tropospheric ozone under favorable climatic conditions.

Simple Green is not a vapor degreaser. It is an aqueous cleaner/degreaser.

Simple Green is currently being used as a vapor suppressant on bioremediation sites due to its ability to keep vapors below state and federal levels. For more information, please call the Environmental Technology Division of Sunshine Makers, Inc. at 800-228-0709.

Simple Green is biodegradable, non-toxic and it works, throughout industry and all around the home. Simple Green is the viable answer to replacing caustic, harmful cleaners and degreasers, with one product designed and safety-tested with the well being of its users and the environment in mind.

110° F or below. Heat will begin to break down certain components of Simple Green when kept at temperatures above 120° F for extended periods of time, and makes it more likely that the cleaning ability of the product will be diminished.

Reduces surface tension of dirt to surface.

A product designed to clean a component or assembly by dissolving the contaminants present on its surface.
Also see Competitor Types: Petroleum-based Solvents and Competitor Types: Solvent Evaporatives

All-purpose cleaner/degreaser/deodorizer used as a safer alternative to hazardous and toxic cleaners for removing grease, oil and dirt.

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