I love this video. I've been on a soap box for a while about how drastically our products have changed throughout the years. The problem is most people just aren't aware of what is in some of the products we use.
Thanks for your help and excellent service. Kind regards
Steve Wolverhampton
Excellent product and service - couldn't be happier
Adam Cramer
Simple Green products are excellent. I have a disabled daughter and trying to teach her safety with cleaning products has been greatly improved since I introduced her to Simple Green. I do not worry so much about accidents, spillages, getting it on her hands etc. Thank you, you have made our lives easier.
Carol Stockport UK
When it comes to cutting straight through built up grease on cooker hoods, ovens, etc., Simple Green Extreme Aviation is the most amazingly efficient cleaning product I've EVER come across.
Tony C
Thank you, the samples arrived this morning. If your product is half as good as your customer service it is going to be excellent. Very Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Regards
Eddie Liskeard

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