A FANTASTIC product, friendly staff and speedy delivery! THANK YOU!
Mrs. B. Brown Bristol UK
My husband left an ink pen in his pants pocket and I accidentally washed and dried the load of laundry with the pen still in the pocket. The pen cap came off and marked all of the clothes. Looking for anything to help the situation, I grabbed anything that was near to try to save the clothes. I tried numerous products and nothing worked. I then tried Simple Green and scrubbed. One spot came out. I kept scrubbing and they all came out. I use Simple Green to wash my car, clean my kitchen and have always liked it. But you really won me over with the ink stain!
This stuff is amazing. Im a blacksmith in Staffordshire UK. I have big old oily, greasy machines that i have never found an efficient de-greaser to clean the sludge off on the rare occasion they get a service until now. I thought i would push it a bit and try it on parts covered with cutting / drilling / threading compound. 3 squirts, 60 seconds and a quick wipe, spotlessly clean! My 133 year old power hammer is next!
Bates Tongs
Thanks for your help and excellent service. Kind regards
Steve Wolverhampton
My husband purchased Simple Green from QVC quite a while ago now, it has lasted me ages but he cannot source anywhere to purchase it now, it is the best cleaning product i have ever used! so much now all my family are asking me if we can get some for them. Well here i am asking you hoping you can solve this for me as i don't want to use anything else.
Claire J. Shrewsbury
Thank you, the samples arrived this morning. If your product is half as good as your customer service it is going to be excellent. Very Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Regards
Eddie Liskeard

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