I love this video. I've been on a soap box for a while about how drastically our products have changed throughout the years. The problem is most people just aren't aware of what is in some of the products we use.
My two boys and husband are motorcross riders and come home nearly every weekend with filthy, dirty, muddy uniforms. I had tried and tried to get the dirt out and just couldn't. By soaking the uniforms in a mixture of Simple Green and water and adding a fourth cup to the washer the uniforms came out very clean. Thanks Simple Green for making this "Motorcross Mama's" job much easier
I am a retired Southern California fireman and have been using your product for about 25 years. Simple Green is the best and safest environmental cleaning product I have ever used. It can be used safely on the fire trucks without worrying that there will be any damage to the paint or rubber. I am also an automobile detailer. Simple Green is, again, the best. Unlike other products I have used, I can count on Simple Green not to damage expensive wheels and to clean engine compartments without any damage to paint, plastics or rubber products.
My sister and I do massive amounts of canning each year. Because we do so much we are always getting canning jars wherever we can. Out of basements, attics, garages, wherever. The only thing we have ever found to clean these old dusty jars is bleach. However, bleach wreaks havoc on my septic tank. Simple Green works absolutely fantastic on even the nastiest grime in these jars and doesn't bother the septic tank one bit
M.L. Munger
I originally bought the Carpet Cleaner Kit from QVC - I have cats and dogs and it does a really good job of keeping my carpets and fabrics around the house fresh, spic and span! I ordered it direct from you as QVC don't offer it anymore - not only is the Kit cheaper but your P & P charges are much better - I bought two Kits and only had to pay the one P & P charge! Thank you!
Pamela Ringwood UK
Thank you very much for all your help. I can now bring my son's clothes back in the house having cleaned out all the diesel with Simple Green. The service was excellent and I shall be using you again.
Susan Gloucestershire

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