FLUXX® 51mm Tap

A hard wearing anti-glug dispenser tap for our 10L pails. Made from high density polyethylene & polypropylene, it fits most 10L pails with standard necks.

  • 19mm chamfered outlet spout fits into 24mm and above bottlenecks.
  • Fast, Easy Non-Glug Dispensing
  • High flow rate > 5 Litres per minute 
  • Made in Germany 
Item #   Size & Description
DT01      51mm Tap

‘Eraser’ Sponge Cleaning Block

A sponge cleaning block that provides light abrasive action to help get rid of stains and dirt. 

The ‘Eraser’ sponge can be used on a variety of surfaces – simply wet and use.

Simple Green Dilution Bottle

Simple Green Dilution/Trigger Spray Bottle (empty)

The Simple Green dilution bottle should be used to mix concentrated Simple Green cleaner with water according to the marking down the side. Afterwards simply spray and clean. You can choose between the two settings, spray or water jet, by turning the nozzle.

Note: This is an empty bottle to use for mixing and spraying.

Item #   Size & Description
DS02     946ml Dilution/Trigger Spray Bottle (empty)
Simple Green Dilution Bottle

Simple Green Foam Dispenser (empty)

The Simple Green Foam Bottle creates a thick foam that sticks to the surface enabling controlled application and longer contact time on areas that can be difficult to clean – especially vertical surfaces. No propellant is used, simply pump and foam.

Fill the container with the amount of Simple Green and water needed for the task at hand and start foaming.

Note: This is an empty bottle to use for mixing and spraying foam.

Item #   Size & Description
FDS      Simple Green Foam Dispenser (empty)

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