We use Simple Green to clean our racing go-karts. It is very good at removing engine oil, chain oil, fuel and just mean red clay dirt. We have found Simple Green can do a complete job of cleaning everything without leaving any stains or residue. It keeps my mom happy not killing the grass or leaving acid stains on the driveway.
My husband left an ink pen in his pants pocket and I accidentally washed and dried the load of laundry with the pen still in the pocket. The pen cap came off and marked all of the clothes. Looking for anything to help the situation, I grabbed anything that was near to try to save the clothes. I tried numerous products and nothing worked. I then tried Simple Green and scrubbed. One spot came out. I kept scrubbing and they all came out. I use Simple Green to wash my car, clean my kitchen and have always liked it. But you really won me over with the ink stain!
Best hand cleaner ever! Customer for life! Super fast shipping!
Craig F
I bought Simple Green ‘Magic’ some time ago - it is a brilliant product and does what it says on the label. Many thanks
Jim M UK
The Simple Green cleaning solutions I had from you earlier on were originally for my Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner, but have proved superb for everywhere in the house! Excellent product. Thank You. Regards
Genevieve W. Tavistock
My husband and I raise Chihuahua's, Pomeranian's and Yorkshire Terrier's. We have cleaned our kennels with bleach diluted with water in the past and have had problems with respiratory problems. Since we switched to Simple Green we have had no problems with our babies and it cleans very well and leaves a fresh scent. We won't use anything else. Thanks for making our life simple.
S.T. Chanute

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