How Simple Green Cleaner Works

Simple Green is an organic cleaner which uses a unique method of cleaning called Micro-Particulate Fractionalization (MPF). This process works by the interaction of special “surface active” agents to break down oil, grease and fat, creating microscopic droplets called “micelles”.

Water is the catalyst for Simple Green’s cleaning power (Fig1). Unlike ordinary cleaners and dispersants, Simple Green’s special MPF properties continue to break down these ‘micelles’ into increasingly smaller microscopic droplets (Fig2). Making the droplets smaller and more numerous creates a greater surface area for Simple Green and water to work on, allowing even greater detergent qualities. In the end, the droplets are simply dissolved into the water (Fig3). The end result is a much more efficient and effective way to clean (Fig4)

Simple Green How it works

Simple Green products do not contain any preservatives, are manufactured under strict regulations and meet pharmaceutical quality standards.
The concentrates - which work better at room temperature - are able to replace a multitude of traditional cleaners and special products thus helping to reduce energy, storage, transport and disposal costs.