My two boys and husband are motorcross riders and come home nearly every weekend with filthy, dirty, muddy uniforms. I had tried and tried to get the dirt out and just couldn't. By soaking the uniforms in a mixture of Simple Green and water and adding a fourth cup to the washer the uniforms came out very clean. Thanks Simple Green for making this "Motorcross Mama's" job much easier
I bought Simple Green ‘Magic’ some time ago - it is a brilliant product and does what it says on the label. Many thanks
Jim M UK
I love this video. I've been on a soap box for a while about how drastically our products have changed throughout the years. The problem is most people just aren't aware of what is in some of the products we use.
Many thanks for your swift and full reply. This clarifies the dilutions I need to use.I may try using it on a wider range of jobs now you've given further suggested uses on the printout! It's nice to get an individual reply these days - it's much appreciated. Keep up the good work! Colin
Halesowen W. Midlands
These Simple Green products are very good at getting stains off delicate fabrics. My husband spilled something on his favourite silk tie and nearly had a fit when I sprayed it with what he thought of as the kitchen surface cleaner. The mark - which was greasy - lifted off immediately.
Mrs. Melanie Davies Lancs.
My husband purchased Simple Green from QVC quite a while ago now, it has lasted me ages but he cannot source anywhere to purchase it now, it is the best cleaning product i have ever used! so much now all my family are asking me if we can get some for them. Well here i am asking you hoping you can solve this for me as i don't want to use anything else.
Claire J. Shrewsbury

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