If only pets could clean up after themselves – how cool would it be to have Rex the dog clean his muddy paw marks. How great would it be if he could operate a washing machine? Well until that time comes it is up to us to make sure that pet spaces are clean as possible, not only for ours’ but also our pets’ health. Here Are Some Simple Green Tips For Cleaning Pet Space:

Don't let that mess set

The faster you clean up the mess, the easier it will be…and the less likely stains will set.

Clean outside the stained area

Liquid messes seep downward and outward, so be sure to also clean the area surrounding the visible stain.

Save those old rubber gloves

Old rubber gloves are great for wiping dog and cat hair off furniture and clothes.

Mats and area rugs

Placing mats under your pet's dish and leaving small area rugs for them to lounge on really saves time and keeps rooms tidy.

Keeps Your World Clean

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