Frequently Asked Questions - Using Simple Green Products

FAQs - Using Simple Green Products

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Indefinite in unopened containers.

Whether an aqueous-based product, chlorinated solvent, caustic or citrus/d'Llimonene type cleaner is used, the cleaned metal will begin to oxidize or rust. Many factors, including time, temperature, humidity and type of metal influence the rate of oxidation.

Simple Green is an aqueous-based cleaner. When bare metal is cleaned and degreased, all barrier coatings (i.e. oil, grease, lubricants, cutting oils, etc.) are removed. If a rust inhibitor or protectant spray is required, please call 800-228-0709 for more information.

A word of caution: when adding foreign materials into Simple Green, be aware that toxicity, biodegradability and sewerability issues need to be addressed by the additive manufacturer.

Simple Green will remove many fluxes, including rosin flux from printed circuit boards.

Simple Green rinses residue-free and is an exceptional cleaner for paint prep and cleaning. If you are involved in the pharmaceutical or electronics industry and have concerns regarding even microscopic levels of residue, call 800-228-0709 to receive information on Crystal Simple Green and its excellent rinseability features. Crystal Simple Green does not contain the added fragrance or color found in regular Simple Green.

Solvents, evaporatives, petroleum-based, d-Limonene, terpenes, pine-oil cleaners or other hazardous solvents, task-specific cleaners, window cleaners and many more...

Simple Green is considered phosphate-free. It contains only trace amounts of phosphorous - 0.3%. In the U.S., anything below 0.5% is rated "phosphate-free."

Simple Green is being packaged in more and more PETE (Polyethylene Terephthalate) containers. For many years as the company grew, it was impossible for the switch from less environmentally-responsible PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) to readily recyclable PETE to occur because our volume did not warrant a share of the PETE market that would be economically feasible for our company or our consumer. However, our volume has grown to the point where we can now command more of the market share of PETE and continue to offer our customers an attractive purchase price. We will continue moving more of our products into PETE in addition to searching for more packaging that utilizes post-consumer recycled plastic or source-reduced plastic. Because Simple Green is an effective emulsifier, we must take care not to package in plastic that is too thin or flimsy. We also have packaged in HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) for our larger containers (5, 15, and 55 gallon containers) for many, many years. HDPE is readily recyclable.


pH - Definition (Acidity -to- Alkalinity)
pH is the negative logarithm of the effectiveness hydrogen ion concentration or hydrogen ion activity in gram equivalents per liter, used in expressing both acidity and alkalinity on a scale whose values run from 0 to 14, with 7 representing neutrality, numbers less than 7 increasing the acidity and numbers greater than 7 increasing the alkalinity.

The pH scale is logarithmic. Each scale unit equals a power of 10. Consequently, a product that has a rating of 13 is 10,000 times more alkaline/caustic than one with a rating of 9.

pH - Discussion
pH is an important factor to consider when choosing or recommending cleaners or degreasers. Cleaners at both ends of the scale (14 & 0) can be effective cleaners, however are more likely to be environmentally hazardous or present serious health hazards. The challenge in choosing a product is finding a balance of both safety and effectiveness. Simple Green meets both of these qualifications.

pH - Disposal
The pH scale is one of the factors used to evaluate whether a product can be discharged into a sanitary sewer. The national average rating for approved sewerability is 10.3

pH - Simple Green
Simple Green's and Crystal Simple Green's pH is 9.3-9.5. Most competitive aqueous-based products are in the 12 range on the pH scale, making them 500 times more caustic than Simple Green. A 12 pH would necessitate the use of rubber gloves, chemical goggles, etc.

Rather than use a high pH to compensate for cleaning ability, Simple Green's cleaning principal is the MPF (Micro-Particulate-Fractionalization) process, which literally breaks oil and grease down to the molecular level. This unique process is what makes Simple Green so effective.

Parts washer - recommended use
Use Simple Green in a parts washer at a 2:1 - 5:1 dilution with water and an optimum temperature between 100-110°F. Please be aware that, because Simple Green and Crystal Simple Green are water-based degreasers, regular metal equipment will eventually rust. It is recommended that the switch to a water-based degreaser be accompanied by a switch to either stainless-steel or plastic equipment. More information can be found on this web site about the Simple Green Parts Washers, which are of plastic construction and are sold through authorized Simple Green distributors.

Parts washers - provided via Simple Green distributors
Simple Green parts washers are made of plastic, with a recirculating pump, heater and replaceable filter cartridge. Recommended temperature is to remain below 120° F. For more information on parts washers, please call the Equipment Systems Manager at 800-228-0709.

The destruction of the stratospheric ozone layer which shields the earth from ultraviolet radiation harmful to biological life. This destruction of ozone is caused by the breakdown of certain compounds containing chlorine and/or bromine (chlorofluorocarbons or halons) which break down when they reach the stratosphere and catalytically destroy ozone molecules (see Chlorofluorocarbons, Montreal Protocol and U.S. Clean Air Act). Simple Green contains no ozone depleting substances.

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