Simple Green Biodegradable Cleaners & Degreasers 

The Simple Green range of Household products incudes two All Purpose cleaners and a heavy-duty aviation cleaner that is also an excellent motorsports and precision cleaner.

green floor cleaning 350 green car cleaning 350





quad bike cleaning 350

The all-purpose spray products are concentrates that can be diluted according to the task at hand. Simply mix Simple Green with water as required :

  • General cleaning 1:10 to 1:13
  • Light Cleaning 1:30 upwards

Shipping concentrates is cheaper for the customer and delivers significant environmental benefits - for example 1 litre of Simple Green Concentrate can make up to 150 Litre bottles of Glass Cleaner. Sending as  a concentrate saves space as well as transport and fuel.

Both Simple Green Original and Simple Green Crystal offer excellent value for money: 1 litre of All Purpose cleaner concentrate (single item price) diluted as above (1:4) will make 10 x 500 ml trigger spray solutions at an approximate cost of £1.50 each (incl. delivery) – compare this to major brand equivalent alternatives which typically retail at £2.69 to £3.89 (Kitchen cleaner).

Note: We take every effort to reduce packaging and we reuse card and plastic wherever possible.  As our products are liquid and fragile it is important that they are well protected as well as being light to avoid excessive shipping fees. 1L Bottles are shipped individually in a layer of bubble wrap or similar and enclosed in a ziplock bag in line with Royal Mail standards.

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Simple Green is the leader in high-quality, environmentally safer cleaning products.

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